Tips on Measuring Level Gauges in the Field

Why is it important to know how to measure sight glass for replacement?

  • Builds reputation as "the level gauge guy"
  • Positions yourself as a single source supplier
  • Establishes a pattern for repeat business

All top QTS sales reps are familiar with measuring in the field!

What equipment is needed?

  • PPE (Nomes, Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Steel Toe Boots, etc.)
  • High-Quality Tape Measure

Tape Measure Recommendation

Lufkin Control Series

  • Wide end hook works well
  • Available on
Tape Measure Recommendation for Sight Glass

Method to take Center to Center Measurement

Center to Center Measurement for Sight Glass

What are the Critical Dimensions on a Sight Glass?

  • Vessel Center to Center
  • Visible Range
  • Gauge Overall Length (OAL)
  • Chamber OAL
  • Cover/Cover Overall (OAL)
End Connect Sight Glass
Side Connect Sight Glass

Take Measurement from the Vessel Connection if Gauge Valve is Union Vessel Type

Vessel Connection

Familiarize Yourself with Common Nominal Pipe Size Specifications

Nominal Pipe Size Diagram

Tip: Google "Nominal Pipe Size Chart"

Nominal Pipe Size Image

Ask to get Pictures of the Assembly

  • Pictures are a tremendous help
  • The plant contact should be able to snap photos and email
  • Pictures document the viewing angle and assembly orientation
180 Deg View Angle
270 Deg View Angle
90 Deg View Angle
View Angle Image

Viewing Angle

180 Deg View Angle Example
270 Deg View Angle Example

Fugitive Emissions Valves

Fugitive Emissions (FE) regulations are becoming increasingly strict, and government agencies are focused on valves. According to the EPA, over 60% of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions comes from valves.

Low Emission valves offer significant reduction of harmful gases versus valves with traditional packing. This increases the safety of personnel and reduces the effect on the environment. Read More

ASME and NBIC Certificates

ASME established the Certificate Holder program in 1916. This program gives formal recognition to a company that can fabricate to relevant ASME standards, and permits application of an ASME owned stamp. There are over 6500 Certificate Holders. The Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section I has 5 categories:

  • S – Power Boilers
  • A – Assembly of Power Boilers
  • E – Electric Boilers
  • M – Miniature Boiler
  • PP – Pressure Piping
  • V – Boiler Pressure Relief Valves

The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NB) offers a similar program to certify companies to repair and/or alter boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining items. This Certificate of Authorization is known as the “R” stamp, with the requirements laid out in NB-415, Accreditation of R Repair Organizations. Read More

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Positive Material Identification (PMI) emerged as a common customer requirement in the 1990’s as X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) instrumentation became mobile. It can be a confusing and misunderstood requirement. This paper is an effort to provide some clarity to the requirement, the cost involved and steps required to comply with customer requirements.

When considering PMI, there are several key factors that must be clarified prior to quotation. Following is an outline of how reduce the requirement to a manageable task. Read More

Quest-Tec Buys Liquid Level Gauge and Valve Product Line

Dear Valued Customer,

As many of you know, Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. has focused their vision of the future on becoming the very best at serving the customer in oil and gas custody transfer and fiscal metering applications.  In support of our vision statement, the Level Gauge and Valve product line has been sold.

We are pleased to announce that Daniel has sold the product line to Quest-Tec Solutions, a Houston, Texas based company.  With transition assistance and support of the Daniel organization, Quest-Tec will continue the sales, manufacturing and support of the very same products you have come to know.  Quest-Tec, a wholly owned subsidiary of Baro Holdings, Inc., is managed by people that have been involved with liquid level products for over 15 years and should continue to provide an excellent level of customer service and support.

As of September 27, 2001, please note the new address and phone number below:

Quest-Tec Solutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 2127
Stafford, TX  77477

Phone Number: (281) 240-0440
Fax Number: (281) 240-2440

Quest-Tec and Daniel management thank you for your continued support of the Daniel Liquid Level Gauge and Valve business.


Larry Irving, Jr.
Vice President
Business Development
Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc.