Product Line: Armored Tubular

Armored Tubular Liquid Level Indicator

Quest-Tec Direct-Reading Level Gauges are a simple and reliable way to determine the level of liquid in a tank or vessel, because they give you a direct view without compromising the integrity of your process system.

Quest-Tec level gauges operate such that the liquid level in the transparent sight tube is always the same as the liquid level inside the tank or vessel. Quest-Tec Armored Tubular level gauges can be used at operating pressures up to 285 psig. For higher operating pressures, use Quest-Tec’s Magne-Trac Magnetic Level Indicator, Steam-Trac, or Glass-Trac Gauges.

Armored Tubular QST

Single Tube Liquid Level Indicator

  • General Service at or near ambient temperatures
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Armored Tubular QDT

Double Tube Liquid Level Indicator

  • Cryogenic or hot process conditions
  • High-purity for 3A and FDA applications available.
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