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At the heart of the company, Questtec Solutions is an “Engineered Solution Provider,” serving many industries around the world. In this blog series, we’ll share recent headlines from industry news and real examples of our products ‘in action.’

Chemical Plant News

Celanese to expand methanol capacity at US plant

Source: ICIS News

Celanese is to “significantly expand” methanol capacity at its Clear Lake acetyl intermediates manufacturing facility in Pasadena, Texas, the US-headquartered chemicals producer said on Wednesday.

The company has been granted approvals from the board of its Fairway Methanol  joint venture (JV) with Japan’s Mitsui & Co for a second phase expansion, which will increase production to 1.7m tonnes/year.

Texas Oil Industry Looks Ahead to Next Hurricane Season

Hurricane Harvey drew attention to the tanks many companies use to store hazardous liquids. Many of the leaks during Harvey occurred when the roofs of storage tanks sank under the weight of rainwater, allowing the chemicals below to escape. Some companies are now covering those roofs with geodesic domes — a technology that has been around for years, but appears to be getting more popular as big rainstorms become more common.

LyondellBasell US PO/TBA plant turns 50, new unit to start in ’21

Source: ICIS News

LyondellBasell’s propylene oxide and tertiary butyl alcohol (PO/TBA) plant in Bayport, Texas celebrated its 50th anniversary on Tuesday, as the company prepares to start up another such plant in nearby Channelview in 2021.

“When we commit to these sites, we think in terms of decades.”

Bob Patel, CEO LyondellBasell

Chemical Plants and Questtec Solutions

Questtec Solutions’ level instruments can be found throughout the chemical industry as one of the most dependable level instrument products available.

The examples below are applications of various Questtec Solutions products in chemical plants. One-stop shopping by Questtec!

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