Questtec Glass-Trac in Southern California Refinery

Concerned, Cautious, & Carrying On

We are concerned to stop the propagation of the virus.

Cautious in using proper sanitation in the office, warehouse, hand washing, hand sanitizing, gloves, and social distancing as much as possible.

Additionally, for our vendors, reps and customers, our highest priority is to continue all business operations as normal as possible.

With this in mind, Questtec has taken the following active measures:

  • We have cancelled ALL business travel by Questtec personnel both domestic and international, unless it is business critical and cannot be completed remotely.
  • We have initiated a work-from-home policy for employees who can provide the same level of customer support as if in the office.
  • We have implemented stringent cleaning best practices and made hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes available throughout common areas.
  • We are restricting visits to Questtec unless there is a business-critical reason.
  • We will use electronic communication and other collaborative tools to reduce direct contact between employees, vendors, reps and customers.
  • For employees who continue to work at Questtec on business-critical operations, they will maintain ‘social distancing’ as recommended by the CDC.
  • We will not allow vendors or customers to visit our office unless there is a critical business need.
  • We will ask drivers delivering products to shipping and receiving to minimize contact with Questtec employees.

Questtec remains committed to servicing our customers by continuing to provide the highest quality products and customer service.

We understand all of our customer’s orders are critical and we are taking measures to ensure we meet our obligations during the present circumstances.

Questtec will continue to monitor the Coronavirus Pandemic daily and will update you as situations develop.

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