Fugitive Emissions Valves

Fugitive Emissions (FE) regulations are becoming increasingly strict, and government agencies are focused on valves. According to the EPA, over 60% of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions comes from valves.

Low Emission valves offer significant reduction of harmful gases versus valves with traditional packing. This increases the safety of personnel and reduces the effect on the environment.

What is API 624?

API 624 is a Low Emission standard to certify the design of rising stem valves. Valves designs use specific packing previously certified to API 622.

What is our advantage with a gauge valve certified to API 624?

Many efforts to address Fugitive Emissions are directed toward other process valves, and gauge valves are often not addressed.
API 624 is a new standard released in 2014, and Questtec Solutions is the only level gauge manufacturer offering a certified gauge valve design.
Fugitive Emissions testing, standards, and regulations have been around for 40+ years, and is only going to progress further. Penalties and fines are a concern to plant owners.

Glass-Trac Liquid Level Gauges and Valves: Fugitive Emissions (FE)

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Model: 3A-S-LE
LE: Low Emissions

API 624 Testing

  • Operation Cycles: 310
  • Thermal Cycles: 3 @ 500F
  • Methane Gas @ 600 PSI
  • Leak tested with stem in┬ámoving, and set state.
  • Valve assembled with API 622 certified packing.

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