Questtec Solutions’s Glass-Trac Transparent Gauges are available in low, mid, and high pressure applications. Glass-Trac Transparent Gauges use clear, see-through glass on both sides so that both the color and the interface of liquids can be viewed.


LED Gauge Illuminators are available for use on transparent gauges and provide easy viewing of liquid levels in dimly lighted areas.

Three Pressure Series

The standard Glass- Trac level gauges are designed for -20ºF service, however Glass-Trac Transparent Gauges are rated to a maximum 3000 psig at 100ºF and are tapped for ½” or ¾” NPT connections.

Accessories Extend Application Options

Glass-Trac Transparent Gauge accessories give operators even more application options.

Externally Heated/Cooled Gauges

Externally Heated/Cooled Gauges

For a temperature control solution, Questtec Solutions offers externally heated and cooled gauges to maintain fluid properties. Tubing starts from an adaptor nut on one valve, passes along a machined groove in the gauge body wall and connects to the adaptor nut in the opposite valve. Fluid piped through the tubing serves as the heating and cooling media. Gauge bodies (liquid chambers) are made extra-long to accommodate the groove and tubing.

Frost Prevention System

Frost Prevention Extension

Questtec Solutions offers Glass-Trac plastic extensions for flat gauge glasses to prevent frost from forming in the liquid level view slot in low temperature services. Projecting from the view slot, the clear plastic extensions keeps the liquid level indication clearly visible. 

About Questtec Solutions

Questtec Solutions is an international company with representatives based around the world. Our Partners can assist with commissioning start up and calibration, 24-hour service, and repair support.

Questtec Solutions employs over 125 years of collective experience with all aspects of liquid level gauge and valve product lines. With a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and custom weld shop based in Houston, Texas, Questtec Solutions is able to provide innovative engineered solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs.