Questtec Solutions Annual Training

Recently, Questtec Solutions invited their Channel Partners to join them for their annual training at the Questtec Solutions headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Channel Partners who attended received information on new applications and pricing strategies, networking opportunities, hands-on training of our Magne-Trac, Level-Track, Steam-Trac, and Glass-Trac product lines, and expanded their troubleshooting knowledge to better serve the end customer.

The Competitive Landscape

Earlier this year, Questtec announced the availability of our products to be distributed through former Penberthy Channel Partners, enabling customers to continue a “business as usual” approach when purchasing level products through trusted, capable and current long-term relationships. This will expand Questtec’s reach into the Oil & Gas Market with Industry leading level partners.

“Questtec’s recessed gasket seat and standard NACE chamber is an upgrade for customers at same price point.”

Tom Dryden, Account Manager at Eads Distribution, former Penberthy Partner

The competitive landscape has never been better for Questtec Solutions. Channel Partners who attended our annual training learned some key takeaways to take advantage of Questtec’s distribution expansion.

Upselling Capabilities

Channel Partners who attended our annual training also discussed and received training on how to upsell bridles and add additional equipment to the sale to improve customer satisfaction and better meet sales numbers.

Many of Questtec’s products can be custom-fit to the customer’s needs and preferences. Combining products, like our Magne-Trac Plus which combines a Magne-Trac magnetic level indicator with a Bridle-Trac bypass chamber, allows greater functionality and usability in the field.

Benefits of Questtec Products versus Competitors

Kelsey Conn of Esquaredi, Inc of West Texas bought a shirt for with James Herrington, Questtec Inside Sales, inside joke for the two of them

Products designed by Questtec Solutions have the benefit of being custom-crafted to meet customer needs. Keeping our manufacturing headquarters local to Houston, versus using an international manufacturer, allows us to custom-fit our product to specific needs. We are a true “engineered solution provider.”

Our company, from top-to-bottom, embraces the opportunity to meet customer specifications and requirements for their current designs and designs they are planning in the future.

Max Bunting, VP Operations Questtec Solutions