Magne-Trac Level Measurement Line

Innovative Level Measurement with Magne-Trac

For oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, metals and minerals, refining, power generation, aerospace, food processing, and pulp and paper industries operating with products under extreme pressure, temperature, vibration, and highly corrosive or hazardous material, Questtec Solutions Magne-Trac product line provides one of the safest and most economical ways to meet your level measurement requirements.

Minimum Vessel Penetration

Our innovative magnetic level line can be custom-engineered to fit your exact requirements. Constructed of non-magnetic materials, with exotic materials such as Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C as available options, the Magne-Trac line is installed with minimum vessel penetration thanks to the magnet technology.

True Redundancy

Two independent level measurement technologies are used in the Magne-Trac Plus system, by combining the rugged versatility of the original Magne-Trac with our flexible, accurate, and reliable Guided Wave Radar Transmitter inserted into the Bridle-Trac Bypass Chamber.

By using the magnetic gauge as the secondary chamber, the operator has the option to rotate the indicator up to 180 degrees easily in the field. Though the two chambers can be welded or flanged together, we recommend installing valves between the magnetic gauge and bridle chamber to isolate one if necessary.

Distance Level Viewing

Our wide-flag indicator design is constructed of multiple flag each 1.4″ wide to heighten overall viewing capabilities from up to 200 feet. Standard indicators consist of anodized aluminum housing with black and yellow rotating flags and a clear, UV scratch-resistant, poly-carbonate window.

Eliminate Deterioration

The non-corrosive flag materials eliminate problems with deterioration often encountered with standard aluminum flag and stainless steel pins. The UV scratch-resistant, poly-carbonate window eliminates the fragility often encountered with glass while still forming a high-integrity fit. The tightly-sealed housing contains a single-column-wide flag assembly all aligned within an extruded aluminum case.

About Questtec Solutions

Questtec Solutions is an international company with representatives based around the world. Our Partners can assist with commissioning start up and calibration, 24-hour service, and repair support.

Questtec Solutions employs over 125 years of collective experience with all aspects of liquid level gauge and valve product lines. With a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and custom weld shop based in Houston, Texas, Questtec Solutions is able to provide innovative engineered solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs.

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