Low Emission Type 3A Valves

Fugitive Emissions (FE) regulations are becoming increasingly strict, and government agencies are focused on valves. According to the EPA, over 60% of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions come from valves.

Low Emission valves offer significant reduction of harmful gases versus valves with traditional packing. This increases the safety of personnel and reduces the effect on the environment.

Questtec Solutions is the only level gauge manufacturer offering certified gauge valve design.

What is API 624?

API 624 is a Low Emission standard created by the American Petroleum Institute to certify the design of rising stem valves. Valves designs use specific packing previously certified to API 622.

What petroleum processes benefit from Low Emissions Valves?

Typical refining units that benefit from low emissions valves are:

  • Crude Desalting
  • Catalytic Reforming
  • FCCU
  • Sulphur Recovering
  • Delayed Coking Unit

The Questtec Solutions Advantage

Many efforts to address FE are directed toward other process valves, and gauge valves are often not addressed.

API 624 is a new standard released in 2014, and QTS is the only level gauge manufacturer offering a certified gauge valve design. FE testing, standards, and regulations have been around for 40+ years, and is only going to progress further. Penalties and fines are a concern to plant owners.

Questtec has engineered our Type 3A Valves to proactively meet these increasingly rigorous standards. This valve can be supplied with a package that has been certified to the demanding API 624 Low Emissions Type Testing of Rising Stem Valves Equipped with Graphite Packing for Fugitive Emissions standard.

Type 3A Valve Features

Glass-Trac Type 3A valves are the model to select for the most for the most rigorous service. These gauge valves have the following standard features:

  • Outside Screw & Yoke – Stem threads are external and do not contact the process
  • Reciprocating Stem – The stem rises and falls against the seat without twisting through the packing
  • Back Seating Stem – Pressure on the packing is relieved when the valves are full open
  • Automatic Ball Check – In the event of gauge glass failure, vessel contents will be contained automatically
  • Full ASME 16.34 compliance to 900# Class
  • Offset Flow Path – This permits cleaning a top- and bottom-connected gauge through the vent or drain port
  • Solid Shank Vessel Connection – Typically flanged to meet user requirements

Type 3A valves are available in four basic gauge connection configurations:

  • Type 3A-S – With a rigid, ½” or ¾”, NPT or SW connection to the level gauge
  • Type 3A-U – With a metal-to-metal union connection to the level gauge
  • Type 3A-G – With a gasketed union connection to the level gauge
  • Type 3A-T – Tubular gauge connection to the level gauge

About Questtec Solutions

Questtec Solutions is an international company with representatives based around the world. Our Partners can assist with commissioning start up and calibration, 24-hour service, and repair support.

Questtec Solutions employs over 125 years of collective experience with all aspects of liquid level gauge and valve product lines. With a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and custom weld shop based in Houston, Texas, Questtec Solutions is able to provide innovative engineered solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs.