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Armor-Trac products operate to display liquid levels in a transparent sight tube that mirror the liquid level of a tank or vessel.

Sight Flow Indicator

  • Single Tube (Model QSF) & Double Tube (Model QDSF) options available in Armored and Full View Styles
  • Borosilicate Glass & PTFE Teflon® wetted parts for high temp corrosive processes applications
  • Mechanical Press Fit Seal on the outside diameter of the glass sight tube. Designed to  eliminate stresses caused by differential expansion between the housing and sight tube preventing leaks
  • Polycarbonate Protective Shield for Double Tube Sight Flow Indicators. Safeguards  borosilicate glass with an open 360° view
  • 100% testing. Each internal chamber hydrostatic pressure tested
  • Variation of sizing options available diameters of 1” – 10” in lengths up to 60”
  • Flanged or Sanitary Fittings available on all models

Armored Tubular QST

Single Tube Liquid Level Indicator

  • General Service at or near ambient temperatures

Armored Tubular QDT

Double Tube Liquid Level Indicator

  • Cryogenic or hot process conditions
  • High-purity for 3A and FDA applications available.


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Level-Trac System Summary

Level-Trac System Summary