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The QTS Guided Wave Radar delivers an independent reading of liquid and solid levels. These top mount, direct insertion radars measure interface and direct level of liquids and solids, both of high and low pressures and temperatures.

Modern Boiler Level

Eliminate Water Density Errors

The Questtec LT-430 provides an exclusive means of achieving accuracy with Guided Wave Radar when used in a water column to determine level in a high pressure steam system. The LT-430 utilizes the data collected from at least 4 thermocouples installed on the water column and determines an actual average water temperature. The primary loop is dynamically corrected and a secondary loop is communicated to any device included in the loop.

Magne-Trac Plus

Magnetic Level Indicator + Bridle Chamber

  • Innovative Flag Design Maximizes Magnetic Field
  • Wide Flags for Enhanced Indicator View
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Indicator Window
  • Corrosion Resistant Moving Parts
  • Wide Variety of Materials
  • Available to ASME 31.1/31.3 Standards


Bridle Chamber

  • Customized engineered designs to fit existing vessel units
  • Allows external mounting of electrical measuring instrumentation
  • Functional in both general and critical application
  • Available in a variety of materials, connection sizes, and types
  • Vent/Drain Valves and Isolation Valves available
  • Temperature management accessories options available

Guided Wave Radar

Local Indication & Redundant Measurement

  • Precise and dependable readings
  • Maintenance-free
  • Multivariable output readings – total level or interface
  • Top/Mount design provides easy fit to chambers
  • Extensive selection of materials and process connections
  • High pressure / high temperature applications available


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Level-Trac System Summary

Level-Trac System Summary