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Illuminator for hazardous locations utilizes the latest technology to provide brilliant back lighting to any process gauge.

See-Level™ LED Illuminator

LED Illuminator for Hazardous Locations

  • Brilliant Green LED Backlighting
  • Innovative Mounting Solution
  • Saves Money
  • Operates in Any Environment
  • Durable

See-Level Amber Illuminator

Brilliant Amber LED Backlighting

  • Amber lighting distinguishes liquid from steam
  • LED’s angle at 45 degrees for easy viewing of liquid level

Innovative Mounting Solution

  • No-bolt cover removal
  • No flimsy, complicated brackets
  • Installs in minutes on any brand gauge
  • Fits either side of transparent gauges

Saves Money

  • Electricity savings over incandescent bulbs
  • Eliminates time consuming bulb changes
  • Lasts 200 times longer than incandescent bulbs
  • One Power Supply will illuminate four sections

Operates in Any Environment

  • NEMA 4X & 8 power supply enclosure
  • Watertight, weatherproof and corrosion resistant
  • Conformal coated LED circuit board


  • Crush tested
  • Survives impact
  • Positive mounting, no springs or clamps
  • No exposed wiring
  • Rugged by design

Steam-Trac STBI-3000A Illuminator

Ported Bi-Color Direct Reading Water Gauge Illuminator and Viewing Hood

  • Brilliant 4-cluster red and green LED Lamps
  • Watertight, weatherproof, and corrosion resistant enclosure
  • Rugged, corrosion resistant, heavy walled aluminum alloy extrusions
  • Compact, easy to handle design


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Level-Trac System Summary

Level-Trac System Summary