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Replacement probes, gaskets, and shields for Questtec Solutions products.

Gasket Repair Kit

  • High Quality and Competitively Priced Replacement Kits and Modules
  • Tempered Aluminosilicate Glass, HQ Ruby Mica and Spiral Wound Grafoil Gaskets Supplied as Standard
  • Quick and Easy Replacement

Glass, Gaskets, and Shields

  • Completely interchangeable with competitive manufactures Industry standard glass sizes 1-9
  • Tempered borosilicate glass as standard
  • Tempered Aluminosilicate glass available for higher temperature
  • Standard gasket is stainless steel reinforced Grafoil Grade GHR
  • HQ Mica shields – (.009 to .012).
  • All other gasket and shield materials are available in standard gauge glass sizes.
  • Any/all level gauge components are available. Please consult factory.

Type 800 Probe

  • Up to 1000 PSI Saturated Steam Service
  • 550° F Maximum Temperature
  • Hydrostatically Tested at 1500 PSI
  • Threaded Column Connection
  • Hefty Spiral Wound, Fully Encapsulated Gasket
  • TFE Insulator

Type 810 Probe

  • For up to 2000 PSI Steam Service
  • Maximum 1000° F
  • Hydrostatically Tested at 3600 PSI
  • Threaded Column Connection
  • Helium Leak Tested
  • Spiral Wound Gasket for Secure Sealing at Column
  • Zirconium Oxide Insulator
  • Ceramic to Metal Vacuum Brazing
  • Two Year Warranty Against Insulator Leakage

Type 820 Probe


  • For up to 3000 PSI Steam Service
  • Hydrostatically Tested at 6000 PSI
  • Single Hex Nut Closure
  • Helium Leak Tested
  • Level-Lock metal-to-metal compression fitting
  • Zirconium/Aluminosilicate Insulator
  • Ceramic to Metal Vacuum Brazing
  • No Gasket
  • Two Year Warranty Against Insulator Leakage




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