Product Description

The Glass-Trac Type 4 Straight-Thru Gauge Valve is available with screwed (S) and Union (U) gauge connections and used with Reflex and Transparent Gauges in working pressures up to 4000 psi. The “straight-thru” valve body design is popularly used with close hook-up (side connection) gauges because the gauge side connection centers and vessel centers can be identical. (With offset valves, vessel centers must be inside or outside side connection centers.) Type 4 Valves have a ¾” NPT Male Tank Connection as standard, with other connections available on order.

Type 4 Straight-Thru Gauge Valves are stocked in carbon steel with stainless steel trims. A molded Teflon packing ring is standard at no extra cost in valves for services to 450ºF. For temperatures to 700º F, valves have wire-graphite packing. The Type 4 Valve has stainless steel ball checks to shut off the flow automatically in case of gauge glass breakage. An optional back seating stem is available on request.

Product Features

  • Renewable Internal Stem Bonnet
  • 4000 psig CWP 6000 psig Test
  • ¾” NPT Male Union Tank Connection
  • ½” NPT Female Gauge Connection
  • ½” NPT Female Drain Connection

Product Specifications

Pressure & Temperature Rating

Teflon PackingWire-Graphite Packing
4000 psi100º F2950 psi500º F
3730 psi200º F2700 psi600º F
3470 psi300º F2430 psi700º F
3200 psi400º F


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