Product Description

The Questtec Solutions Bridle-Trac utilizes a pipe chamber mounted directly to a vessel with two or more process connections. These connections act as an inlet and outlet that allow the liquid level in the pipe chamber to match the level in the process vessel. A bridle-trac may be referred to in the industry as a bridle chamber, a stilling well, a bypass chamber, a cage or a standpipe. It may be used with a customer specified radar for level measurement.

Product Features

  • Customized engineered designs to fit existing vessel units
  • Allows external mounting of electrical measuring instrumentation
  • Functional in both general and critical application
  • Available in a variety of materials, connection sizes, and types
  • Vent/Drain Valves and Isolation Valves available
  • Temperature management accessories options available

Product Specifications


Measuring Range12 to 600in (over 50ft consult sales)
Temperature Range-320°F to +1000°F (-196°C / +538°C)
Pressure RangeFull Vacuum to 2800 psig

Materials of Construction

Chamber Materials  (Metal Alloys)316 /316L or 304/ 304 Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy C-276, Alloy 20, and other Non-Magnetic Alloys
Chamber Materials  (Plastics/Composites)PVC, CPVC, AND PVDF

*Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel Combination Gauges available on request – contact sales

Standpipe MaterialMinimum Temperature °F (°C)Maximum Temperature °F (°C)
Metallic-325°F [-198°C]750°F [400°C]
PVC-20°F [-28°C]140°F [60°C]
CPVC-20°F [-28°C]200°F [93°C]

Process Connections

Pressure Class RatingsANSI 150#; 300#; 600#; 900#; 1500#; 2500#
Process Connection Sizes½” to 10+ [DN20 TO DN150]
Process Connection TypesMNPT, FNPT, Weldolet®, Sockolet®, Socketweld Flange, Weldneck Flange, Lap Joint Flange; RTJ Flanged, Plain Pipe Stub

Temperature Options

High TemperaturesInsulation Blankets, Electric or Steam Tracing, High Temperature Indicators, etc.
Low TemperaturesInsulation Blankets, Cryogenic Insulation, Non-Frost Extensions, Electric or Steam Tracing, etc.


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