Product Description

In applications that are low pressure and operating near or at ambient pressure a QTS Eco-Trac is an alternative solution to fragile tubular glass. For limited liability units, the Eco-Trac is designed for easy to read level indication in a reduced cost efficient package. Best suited for but not limited to applications such as skid systems, boiler feed water tanks, refrigeration units, wastewater treatment facilities, etc.

Product Features

  • Rated per ASME Class 150
  • Standard Sch. 40 Pipe Chamber Construction
  • Wide Flag Indicator for optimal viewing
  • Low Pressure and low temperature option

Product Specifications

Technical Data

Materials316 SST & 304 SST*
Pipe Diameter2” Sch. 40
Minimum Specific Gravity0.60 SG
Maximum Indication Length (C-C)96” (8ft)
Pressure RatingASME CL150
Temperature Rating350F
Indicator TypeWide Flag Indicator (Black & Yellow)

*Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel Combos available upon request. Please contact sales for details

Compatible Products


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