Product Description

Level-Trac LT-120 Control Units are designed to be used with any conductivity probes used for the discrimination of water and vapor (steam). The Control Unit delivers a low voltage common signal to a water column, which completes a circuit when a probe installed on the water column makes contact with water. The Control Unit provides the user with a sect of contacts for each probe, and the facility for an optional indicator. Control Units are generally installed nearby the water column, but may be installed up to 1000 feet away.

Product Features

  • 2 Channels
  • Independent Relay Modules
  • Alarm Contacts (2 Sets per channel)
  • Optional LED Indicator

Product Specifications

Enclosure NEMA 4X Fiberglass
Line Voltage Standard: 120 VAC + 10%, -15%, 50/60Hz
Common Current to Probe Column 12 VAC, 1.5 mA
Auxiliary Contacts DPDT, Form C for Each Probe
5 Amps @ 120/240 VAC
5 Amps @ 30 VDC
Indicator Current +12 VDC Closed (Water)
-12 VDC Open (Steam)
Utility Consumption 120 VAC             240 VAC
0.074 Amps       0.037 Amps
Recommended Field Wiring 18 AWG, Tinned Copper
Ambient Temperature Rating -40°F to 150°F


Compatible Products


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