Product Description

Questtec Level-Trac LT-40 / LT-41 probe fixtures are a simple device to provide a means of point level water indication to be used for alarms or trips. The fixture is designed to be piped in to a vertical configuration to track the contents of a steam drum or other pressure vessel.

Product Features

  • LT-40-01: One Type 800, TFE insulated probe, rated to 1000 PSI
  • LT-40-02: Two Type 800, TFE insulated probes, rated to 1000 PSI
  • LT-41-01: One Type 810, Zirconia insulated, brazed probe, rated to 2000 PSI
  • LT-41-02: Two Type 810, Zirconia insulated, brazed probes, rated to 2000 PSI

Product Specifications

Installation Location Within Vertical Pipe Run
Connection Location Top/Bottom End Connection
Connection Sizes ¾” or 1”
Connection Types FNPT or SW
Chamber Material A-106B Carbon Steel
Number of Probes 1-2
Rating 1,000 PSI (LT-40)

2,000 PSI (LT-41)

* Recommended Control Unit: LT-310


Compatible Products


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