Product Description

The Level-Trac Model 500 probe manifold features sturdy construction in full compliance with ASME Section 1 requirements. Each column is custom built to the customer’s individual specifications. The chamber is a custom extrusion designed to provide full probe thread engagement.

The Model 500 probe column may be used as an independent remote level indicator per ASME PG-60 Section 1, or as a traditional water column for the mounting of direct reading sight glasses. All piping connections are to user specifications.

Product Features

  • Max 1000 PSI
  • SA-105 Extruded Chamber
  • Horizontal Probe Mounting
  • Probe Spacing per Customer’s Requirements
  • Optional Connections for Direct Reading Sight Glasses
  • Type 800, TFE Insulated Probe
  • Piping Connections to Meet Customer Specifications

Product Specifications

Chamber A-105 Extruded
Probe Mounting Horizontal Probe Mounting
Probe Type Type 800
Probe Material TFE Insulated Probe, Metaflex Gasket Seal
Probe Gasket Spiral Wound
Rating 1000 PSI Steam Working Pressure, 550°F



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