Product Description

Questtec Solutions MTLS-PNEU Pneumatic Switch deliver a consistent point switching in magnetic level applications to trigger alarms and to open and close valves with pneumatic actuators. This non-bleed, block and bleed pneumatic switch functions according to the rise or fall of the magnetic float according to the level condition.

Product Features

  • Attached directly to chamber. Easily adjustable with clamps – no additional piping required
  • Integral high volume, rapid response relay
  • Magnetic Coupling design concept – no direct connection with process fluid
  • Non-Corrosive housing
  • Vibration resistant
  • NEMA 4, stainless steel enclosure

Product Specifications

Supply PressureVacuum to 200 PSIG
Dead Band0.50 Inch
Maximum Operating Temperature200° F
Minimum Operating Temperature0° F
EnclosureNEMA 4, Stainless Steel

Compatible Products


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