Questtec Solutions specializes in the development and engineering magnetic level indicators, liquid level gauges and valve product lines. We also manufacture, steam level indicators, and liquid level gauge accessories.

Product Summary

Download our product summary for a quick overview of the Questtec product line.


Water Level Indicators

Level-Trac products include water columns and probes capable of operating in applications up to 3000 PSI as well as broad line of Water Detection Control Units & Alarms.


Liquid Level Indicators

Magne-Trac products are among the safest and most economical ways to measure liquid levels, excelling in applications of extreme pressure, temperature, vibration, and corrosive or hazardous materials.


Liquid Level Indicators

Our extensive Steam-Trac product line was designed specifically for several models of water level/steam level gauges with pressure from 300 PSI working steam pressure to 3000 PSI working steam pressure.


Liquid Level Indicators

Glass-Trac Gauges, formally Daniel Level Gauge & Valve, are available in three main types: Reflex, Transparent, & Tubular. These direct reading instruments are available in many different materials to meet your specific process conditions.

Armored Tubular

Liquid Level Indicator

Armored Tubular products operate to display liquid levels in a transparent sight tube that mirror the liquid level of a tank or vessel.

Guided Wave Radar

The QTS Guided Wave Radar delivers an independent reading of liquid and solid levels. These top mount, direct insertion radars measure interface and direct level of liquids and solids, both of high and low pressures and temperatures.


LED Illuminator

Illuminator for hazardous locations utilizes the latest technology to provide brilliant backlighting to any process gauge.

Gauge Valves

Gauge valves are can be purchased assembled to Glass-Trac Reflex or Transparent Gauges or as individual gauge valve sets. Questtec Solutions offers varies valves styles and types such as union, integral, bolted bonnet, renewable seat, offset design, OS&Y design, etc. QTS gauge valves features series 1-7.

Steam Valves

Questtec Solutions steam valves are designed specifically for use with water level gauges in steam/water service. The angled flow path compactly eases installation of the level gauge, bringing the assembly connection point to the side. Each model is designed to prevent steam galling and maximize packing life to extend the longevity of the valve.

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