Large Chamber Gauge

Large Chamber Gauge

Specialty Gauges: Boiling, Flashing, & Foaming of Liquid


Glass-Trac Large Chamber Gauges are made in a special low pressure series of both Reflex and Transparent Gauges. The large diame
ter chamber makes accurate liquid level readings possible under unusual conditions such as boiling, flashing, or foaming of the liquid. The chamber is manufactured from heavy duty seamless steel pipe with an inside diameter of 2⅛”. Each end of the pipe is closed off with a welded plug which is drilled and tapped for ¾” NPT connections. For close hook-ups, ¾” NPT side connections are made and ends may be drilled, tapped and plugged for cleaning as required.

Recessed seats are machined into the liquid chamber and gauge covers for protection of glass, gasket and cushion. Special bolts are used. Large Chamber Gauges are made in lengths for standard flat glasses and multiple section gauges are available.

When ordering, add LC for large chamber to gauge size number and CH for close hook-up.

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