Steam-Trac STBI-3000A Illuminator

Ported Bi-Color Direct Reading Water Gauge Illuminator and Viewing Hood


The Steam-Trac STBI-3000A Illuminator matches long lasting LED lamps to a rugged fabricated enclosure to set an unsurpassed standard of reliability for bi-color water gauge illumination. Each port has 4 each red and green LEDs to provide a brilliant display. To comply with ASME Section I, PG60, a ported gauge must provide a means for obvious discrimination between steam and water. This requirement mandates that a ported gauge must have a working illuminator.By using LED lamps, the frequent maintenance associated with incandescent type lamps is virtually eliminated. When coupled with the Steam-Trac STB-3000 bi-color gauge, users will experience a dramatic improvement in performance and extended maintenance cycles. The Steam-Trac bi-color gauge and illumination system is field proven and has become the preferred product over competitive designs.

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