Steam-Trac ST-450

Direct Reading Steam / Water Gauges


Steam-Trac ST-600 steam gauges are ruggedly built to set the industry standard for reliability. All materials and construction standards are within strict compliance of ASME Section 1 code requirements.

The Steam-Trac ST-450 can be configured to replace less durable, more expensive, competitive models or for specific construction projects. Visible range must be achieved by using multiple sections with a 1” minimum overlap to ensure continuous visibility, as required by ASME Section 1, PG-60.

To reduce expensive maintenance cycles, the Steam-Trac ST-450 is built with a gauge chamber that is reinforced to minimize lateral deflection of the gauge chamber which is the primary cause of gasket or mica failure in steam gauges. Consistent load on the gauge cover is ensured with the liberal use of spring washers.

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