2S/2U Valves

Offset Gauge Valves


Glass-Trac Type 2 Offset Gauge Valves are available with screwed (S), union (U), and tubular (T) gauge connections. Type 2 valves are used with Reflex and Transparent Gauges in working pressures up to 4000 psi and with Tubular Gauges to their maximum rating. The Teflon packing ring is standard and used in services up to 450º F. For temperatures to 700º F, valves are fitted with special wire graphite packing. Both valves have stainless steel ball checks to shut off the flow automatically in case of gauge glass breakage.

The “offset” feature permits easy cleaning of gauges. A floating tailpiece on Type 1 valves permits an overall vertical adjustment of 1/8” if the gauge center-to-centers are not precisely located. Installation is quicker and gauge strain is eliminated.

Type 2 valves have an optional backseating stem allowing the packing to be changed without shutting down the vessel.

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