3A-S/3A-U Valves

Offset OS&Y Valves


The Glass-Trac Type 3 Offset Gauge Valve has the Outside Screw & Yoke design which prevents excessively hot and corrosive fluids from contracting stem threads, causing possible malfunction. The stem backs directly off the regrindable valve seat using the positive, non-rotating stem principle. The valve is offset for ease in gauge cleaning and comes in both screwed (S) and a union (U) gauge as standard. On special order, tubular (T) gauge or other type connection can be supplied. Type 3 valves are used with Reflex and Transparent Gauges in working pressures up to 4000 psi.

The standard tank connection for Type 3 OS&Y Offset Gauge valves is a ¾” NPT solid shank, with optional ½” and 1” NPT sizes. Ends beveled for welding also are available. Valve materials include forged carbon steel and 316 stainless steel. A molded Teflon packing ring is standard at no extra cost in valves for services up to 450º F. For temperatures to 700º F, valves have wire-graphite packing. The Type 3 valve has stainless steel safety ball checks to shut off the flow automatically in case of gauge glass breakage.

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