5S/5U Valves

Straight-Thru OS&Y Valves


The Glass-Trac Type 5 Gauge Valve has the Outside Screw & Yoke design which prevents excessively hot and corrosive fluids from contacting stem threads, causing possible malfunction. The stem backs directly off the regrindable valve seat using the positive, non-rotating stem principle. The valve has a “straight-thru” body design and, with an optional bleed valve, can be used in a block and bleed application. Standard gauge connections are screwed (S) and union (U) but any other type connection can be supplied on special order.

The standard tank connection for Type 5 OS&Y Straight-Thru Gauge Valves is a ¾’ NPT solid shank, with optional ½” and 1” NPT sizes. Ends beveled for welding also are available. Valve materials include forged carbon steel with stainless steel trims. A molded Teflon packing ring is standard at no extra cost in valves for services up to 450ºF. For temperatures to 700ºF, valves have wire-graphite packing. The standard Type 5 Valve has a back seating stem that allows the packing to be changed without shutting down the vessel. Stainless steel ball checks are available upon request.

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