Conval Clampseal® Valves


The most advanced forged valve available, the Clampseal® Valve features the following:

  • Cartridge Replaceable Packing Chamber: Fastest repacking of any valve by swapping bonnet assembly. Minimum packing volume reduces shrinkage and repacking costs. Graphite packing standard on all valves. Other options are available
  • Acme Body – Yoke Connection: Strong and reliable for repeated valve maintenance
  • Pressure Actuated Backseat: Backseat requires very low torque for total isolation of packing. Provides guide journal for steam, avoiding side load packing.
  • Electroless – Nickel Plating: Also available is stainless steel for wetted parts
  • Integral Gland Wrench: Makes packing adjustments simple. Provides lock on packing gland. Available on all size valves.
  • Single Piece Packing Gland: One step packing adjustment ensures concentric loading.
  • Optional Live Loaded Gland
  • Unique Pressure Seal Bonnet: Effective sealing accomplished without welds or gaskets
  • Self Aligning Seating: Disc-Retainer firmly engauged to stem yet free to align perfectly to seat. Made possible by advanced electron beam welding.
  • Solid Sellite™ Seat and Disc: Line contact seating for positive tight shutoff. Two stage pressure drop for reduced wear of seating surfaces. Abundant material for repeated refacing of seat surfaces.

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