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Confidence commands its own category. Introducing Level ARC by Questtec Solutions.

Our Partners will repair Liquid Level Gages and Valves, Boiler Gage Glass, Probe Columns/Control Units, Bridle.

Code Compliance




Our Mission is to provide industrial facilities with liquid level gages and valves, parts and services to keep their plants operating safely. Questtec has built and developed a global network of competent and knowledgeable level gage experts who will inspire confidence, educate and problem-solve to limit costly plant downtime.


Questtec Level ARC Network

Questtec has developed an impressive global network of Level ARC Centers. These independently owned and operated level repair facilities with Questtec Certified and Trained Technicians. Our Level ARC Centers are customer focused, provide asset management solutions that keep plants safe, and deliver overall peace of mind.

Our Level ARC Centers have the ability to:

Level ARC Expertise

Questtec Solutions understands the need for liquid level gage expertise and the Level ARC team is designed to be your solution source. Questtec offers multiple training programs throughout the year to support our Level ARC program. Questtec offers Certification Training as well as Advanced Training educating technicians in both the theory and hands-on operation of liquid level gages & valves. When needed, Questtec is available to also provide maintenance training for end users.

Level ARC Centers - Fast Track Response

We provide quick ship gages and parts for customer’s planned and unplanned outages through our Level ARC program. Multi-layered support is provided by local Level ARC inventory, and the Houston, TX Questtec factory. Whatever size of the job or unique requirements, our experienced staff and fast pace capabilities can deliver superior results.

Emergency Service, Supply & Support

Questtec helps Level ARC Centers and end users manage costly plant downtime by offering solutions for level gage requirements that occur after-hours, on weekends or during holidays. Our Level ARC emergency technician can locate the required parts and inventory to bring a customer’s plant back online.

Level ARC Warranty

Each Level ARC repair is backed by a warranty just like a factory new assembly. Each repair is finalized by a QA/QC phase including a hydrotest per ASME B31.3, 1.5 x Rating with 10-minute hold. Therefore when you receive a Level ARC repaired level gage, it will perform like a new assembly.







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