The Low Down on Large Chamber Gauges

The Low Down on Large Chamber Gauges

Glass-Trac Large Chamber Gauges are made in a special low-pressure series in both Reflex and Transparent Gauges. The large diameter chamber makes accurate liquid level readings possible under unusual conditions such as boiling, flashing, foaming, and interface stacking. Recessed seats are machined into the liquid chamber and gauge covers for protection of glass, gasket, and cushion. Special bolts are used.

Interface level applications are where liquids are stacking in a vessel. In order to see the accurate interface levels a process connection is required per interface level. This ensures the gauge is measuring the level correctly. In an interface application, Transparent Gauges are used to be able to see the color differences between the liquid levels.


  • 2” ID Chamber
  • One Process Connection and Gauge Valve Per Interface Layer
  • Fully Welded Assembly


  • Boiling Fluids
  • Interface Applications
  • Flashing Vapors
  • Dirty Service
  • Highly Vicious Fluid
  • Refrigerants


  • Transparent Large Chamber Gauge
  • QTY 4 Transparent Borosilicate glass, QTY 8 Garlock IFG 5500 Cushions/Gaskets
  • 2-1/8” Internal Chamber Diameter
  • ASME B31.0, B31.3 Design Standard Used
  • Drain: ¾” THD x SW Smith Gate Valve
  • Flanges: 2 x ¾” 150# RFWN
  • Recessed Gasket Seat
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