Tips on Measuring Level Gauges in the Field

Why is it important to know how to measure sight glass for replacement?

  • Builds reputation as “the level gauge guy”
  • Positions yourself as a single source supplier
  • Establishes a pattern for repeat business

All top QTS sales reps are familiar with measuring in the field!

What equipment is needed?

  • PPE (Nomes, Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Steel Toe Boots, etc.)
  • High-Quality Tape Measure

Tape Measure Recommendation

Lufkin Control Series

  • Wide end hook works well
  • Available on
Tape Measure Recommendation for Sight Glass

Method to take Center to Center Measurement

Center to Center Measurement for Sight Glass

What are the Critical Dimensions on a Sight Glass?

  • Vessel Center to Center
  • Visible Range
  • Gauge Overall Length (OAL)
  • Chamber OAL
  • Cover/Cover Overall (OAL)
End Connect Sight Glass
Side Connect Sight Glass

Take Measurement from the Vessel Connection if Gauge Valve is Union Vessel Type

Vessel Connection

Familiarize Yourself with Common Nominal Pipe Size Specifications

Nominal Pipe Size Diagram

Tip: Google “Nominal Pipe Size Chart”

Nominal Pipe Size Image

Ask to get Pictures of the Assembly

  • Pictures are a tremendous help
  • The plant contact should be able to snap photos and email
  • Pictures document the viewing angle and assembly orientation
180 Deg View Angle
270 Deg View Angle
90 Deg View Angle
View Angle Image

Viewing Angle

180 Deg View Angle Example
270 Deg View Angle Example
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