Product Description

The Level-Trac LT-310 is a remote level indication system, as described in ASME Section I, PG-60. The system may also be used as an alarm or trip device.

The Level-Trac Model-LT-310 water detection control unit can be used to drive up to six conductivity/resistance probes installed in a single column or separately. The unit features complete redundant and discrete channels, with two independent power supplies. Channel interaction can be entirely discrete, coincidental or based on 2 of 3 voting logic.

The LT-310 can be used as a direct replacement to external cage float switches, and offers solid state reliability with no moving parts. The Water Detection Unit is designed to be used with Model LT-500, LT-501 or LT-502 probe manifolds, or with single probe fixtures. Suggested applications are:

  • Traditional Water Gauge Columns at the Boiler Drum
  • Cold reheat & Extraction Steam Lines
  • Drain, Flash, and Dearator Levels

Product Features

  • Six Discrete Channels
  • Six Field Assignable Auxiliary Relays
  • Two Independent Power Supply Units
  • Probe Cable Fault Monitoring
  • No Maintenance or Routine Testing
  • Fault Detection

Product Specifications


  • NEMA4X/IP65 Wall mounted glass-fiber reinforced polyester
  • Dimensions: 11.42” H X 9.79” W X 6.56” D (290 mm H X 249 mm W X 167 mm D)
  • Operating Temperature Rating: -13º F (-25º C) to 158º F (70º C)


  • Six independent isolated channels
  • Field selectable three ranges of conductivity
  • Probe cable monitoring of water or steam normal condition for each channel

Power Supply

  • Dual 100-240 VAC ± 10%, 48 – 63 Hz

Relay Outputs

  • Two Alarms
  • Two Validated Trips
  • One Fault
  • 2 out of 3 Probe channel voting circuit
  • Relay Rating: DPDT
  • Max. Current: 8 Amps @ 250VAC


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