Product Description

Glass-Trac plastic extensions for flat gauge glasses prevent frost from forming in the liquid level view slot in low temperature services. Reflex and Transparent Gauges in all pressure ratings can be fitted with plastic extensions.Projecting from the view slot, the clear plastic extensions keeps the liquid level indication clearly visible. Stocked extensions are 1⅝” and 3⅝” in length. If the gauge is thickly insulated, longer extensions are available. The extension is held in place by stainless steel clamps fastened to the gauge cover. For extra low temperature services, Glass- Trac gauges can be made of special metals.Recommended length for Frost Preventive Extensions: 1⅝” extension is standard from 80ºF ambient to 0ºF temperature. Add 1” extension length for each 100º F below 0º F.When ordering, specify length and add FP to gauge size number.

Product Features

  • Easy attachment to visible glass of gauge
  • Suitable for Reflex & Transparent Gauges
  • Variety of sizes and temperature rated extensions available

Product Specifications

Process Temperature Frost-Prevention Extension Length
°C °F mm Inches
-18 0 76 1-5/8”
-73 -100 102 2-5/8”
-129 -200 127 3-5/8”

* Longer extensions for lower temperatures are available. Contact Sales.


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