Product Description

The Glass-Trac Type 7 Offset Gauge Valve features the Outside Screw & Yoke (OS&Y) design which prevents excessively hot and corrosive fluids from contacting stem threads. The stem uses the positive non-rotating stem principle and backs directly off the regrindable seat. This valve is offset for ease in gauge cleaning and is available in screwed (S) and union (U) gauge connections. The Type 7 Valve also has a backseating stem as a standard feature. Stainless steel ball checks are available upon request.

Product Features

  • Standard Outside Screw & Yoke
  • 1440 psig CWP, 2160 psig Test (600 Ibs. Class)
  • ¾” NPT Male Tank Connection
  • ½” NPT Female Union Gauge Connection

Product Specifications

Pressure & Temperature Rating

Teflon PackingWire-Graphite Packing
1440 psi100º F1250 psi500º F
1400 psi200º F1110 psi600º F
1365 psi300º F1065 psi700º F
1300 psi400º F


Compatible Products


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