Quest-Tec LEVEL-ARC Service Center Program

The QTS Authorized LEVEL-ARC Service Center program recognizes level gauge and & instrumentation product support businesses that employ certified technicians. Give your business an edge and show customers that your organization is committed to quality technical service. Obtaining the coveted LEVEL-ARC designation assures customers that they will receive a high level of competence and service from your business. LEVEL-ARC certifications are international industry credentials that validate the latest skills needed by today’s support professionals. Major vendors, distributors and resellers accept LEVEL-ARC certifications as the standard in foundation-level, vendor-neutral certification for service technicians. The LEVEL-ARC program establishes a level of comfort with customers. It shows that your staff has met the requirements by obtaining LEVEL-ARC certifications, recognized and trusted industry credentials. Displaying the LEVEL-ARC demonstrates that you and your employees take pride in your work, and are interested in advancing the skill level and quality of business operations. As a LEVEL-ARC program participant you’ll receive access to several benefits and tools to fit your business needs. This includes public relations resources that assist in endorsing your credentials to potential clients through print media and your own sales literature.


Quest-Tec’s QuickDRAW v2.0

QuickDRAW requires Microsoft Excel

The Glass-Trac QuickDRAW Program produces General Arrangement Drawings for Level Gauges & Valves. The user can input up to 15 different tag numbers, providing the minimum visible range and all the information for the level gauge and its valves for each tag. Then after entering the customer information, the program produces a drawing for all the tags that were input. This could be 15 different drawings, or one drawing with 15 different tags. QuickDRAW Software Available Upon Request. Contact us at 866.240.9906