Product Description

The Level-Trac Model 502 probe column features sturdy construction in full compliance with ASME requirements. Each column is custom built to the customer’s individual specifications.

The Level-Lock probe insert is made of 316 Stainless Steel. The metal-to-metal ferrule seat eliminates the possibility of gasket failure, a common field problem with competitive models.

Product Features

  • Max 3000 PSI
  • 2” Schedule 160, A-106B Chamber
  • Level-Lock Fittings that Ensure Full Penetration Welds
  • Probe Spacing per Customer Requirements
  • Optional Connections for Direct Reading Sight Glasses
  • Type 820 Probes
  • Piping Connections to Meet Customer Specifications

Product Specifications

Chamber A-106B Schedule 160
Probe Mounting Horizontal Probe Mounting
Probe Type Type 820
Probe Material Zirconium Insulated Probe, Swage Type Seal
Probe Gasket Ferrule Seat
Rating 3000 PSI Steam Working Pressure, 1100°F



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