Questtec Expands Channel Line Up with former Penberthy Partners

Download Press Release Sales Expansion – The New Standard of Level Questtec Solutions announces immediate availability of Questtec Products to be distributed through former Penberthy Channel Partners, enabling customers to continue a “business as usual” approach when purchasing level products through trusted, capable and current long-term relationships. This will expand Questtec’s reach into the OilRead the full article

Engineered Bridle Solutions – Get it Your Way

Instrument Bridle Solutions The QTS Bridle-Trac is an ideal means of utilizing the power of many technologies without mounting directly into the vessel. The QTS Bridle-Trac external chamber is a self-contained cage designed for use with our top mounting level transmitters or switches. Quality construction and a wide selection of configurations make this cage anRead the full article

Tips on Measuring Level Gauges in the Field

Why is it important to know how to measure sight glass for replacement?

Builds reputation as “the level gauge guy”
Positions yourself as a single source supplier
Establishes a pattern for repeat business
All top QTS sales reps are familiar with measuring in the field!

What equipment is needed?

PPE (Nomes, Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Steel Toe Boots, etc.)
High-Quality Tape Measure Read the full article

Fugitive Emissions Valves

Fugitive Emissions (FE) regulations are becoming increasingly strict, and government agencies are focused on valves. According to the EPA, over 60% of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions comes from valves. Low Emission valves offer significant reduction of harmful gases versus valves with traditional packing. This increases the safety of personnel and reduces the effect onRead the full article

ASME and NBIC Certificates

ASME established the Certificate Holder program in 1916. This program gives formal recognition to a company that can fabricate to relevant ASME standards, and permits application of an ASME owned stamp. There are over 6500 Certificate Holders. The Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section I has 5 categories: Read the full article

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Positive Material Identification (PMI) emerged as a common customer requirement in the 1990’s as X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) instrumentation became mobile. It can be a confusing and misunderstood requirement. This paper is an effort to provide some clarity to the requirement, the cost involved and steps required to comply with customer requirements. When considering PMI, thereRead the full article

Questtec Buys Liquid Level Gauge and Valve Product Line

Dear Valued Customer, As many of you know, Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. has focused their vision of the future on becoming the very best at serving the customer in oil and gas custody transfer and fiscal metering applications.  In support of our vision statement, the Level Gauge and Valve product line has been sold.Read the full article

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